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B.C. restaurant fined $7K for serving beer to minor

An underage Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch agent walked into Wings Tap and Grill in Abbotsford and was served a beer without being asked for ID.
ID had to be requested before the product was delivered, ruled B.C.'s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch in the case.

B.C.’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch has fined an Abbotsford restaurant $7,000 for serving beer to a minor.

Branch delegate Andrew Paul Devine heard an inspector and a minor agent went into Wings Tap and Grill on Sumas Way on Dec. 6, 2023.

The minor entered and sat at a table about six to 10 feet away from the inspector. 

A bartender gave a menu to the minor and asked what she wanted. The bartender also asked the inspector what she wanted, and she replied she was waiting for friend. 

Meanwhile, the minor was given a beer.

“She was not asked for ID before the beer was placed at her table. The minor agent then got up and left the premises,” Devine said.

The inspector took the minor’s place and told the bartender she had served a minor. The bartender said she was going to ask for identification.

“The inspector told her it was too late. ID had to be requested before the product was delivered,” Devine ruled.

Devine said the restaurant has training about serving alcohol with food, obligations about not serving anyone appearing under 19 or who appears intoxicated. Company policy quizzes also exist.

Company policy and procedures also include immediate dismissal for serving a minor or failing to properly check ID before serving or selling alcohol. There is also ID requirement signage.

Devine said the server in question had not been required to shadow another employee for two weeks as company policy required.

“Instead, it appears that she was left alone after her first shift, and it was expected that other employees would shadow her,” Devine said.

Devine said the licensee failed to satisfy the requirements of a test for due diligence. 

“The licensee did not implement adequate training and other systems to prevent the contravention of selling liquor to a minor in this case,” Devine said.