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B.C. woman awarded $1.84M in car accident damages

Jody Lyn Burr was driving alone in her car on the Langley Bypass when she was struck.
B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster.

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has awarded a Langley woman $1.84 million in damages as a result of an October 2016 car accident that left her with multiple injuries.

In his Sept. 5 decision, Justice Trevor Armstrong said Jody Lyn Burr, 54, was driving alone in her car on the Langley Bypass near the intersection at Glover Road.

She recalls coming to a stop at a train crossing but does not remember the actual impact; court documents state her first recollection after the accident is “white stuff” and the smell of smoke.

“She was frightened and remembers being taken on a stretcher to an ambulance. Her clothes were being cut off,” Armstrong said.

Burr said the first indication she was injured became apparent when she was in the ambulance and observed pain in her head, neck, chest, right knee and ankle that were “killing me.”

The vehicle that struck her was owned by Ashok Sharma and driven by Dave Sharma.

She sought damages totalling $2.246 million while the defendants evaluated her claim at between $858,000 and $868,000.

Named as defendants were Dave Puri Sharma, Ashok Puri Sharma, Nicole Anne Mott, Trevor James Price and John Gregory Logan.

Before the accident, Armstrong said, Burr enjoyed outdoor activities including skiing, fishing, hiking, skiing, horseback riding, golfing and tennis. She would golf approximately 10 times per year with her husband, friends or children.

After the accident, she experienced permanent ongoing pain in her neck and back, headaches four times each week and dizziness. Her left hip and knee are periodically problematic, according to court documents.

“She is now left spending a lot of time indoors, on her own and she struggles to get quality sleep,” Armstrong said.

She no longer drives, can only do light housework and feels dependent on others.

“It is clear on the evidence that the injuries Ms. Burr received as a result of the accident have had a profound and longstanding effect on her quality of life,” Armstrong said. “The plaintiff’s recovery has been slow and overshadowed by the psychological component related to the mild traumatic brain injury and post concussive syndrome.”