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Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver sued over sex abuse allegations

The plaintiff claims the alleged abuse happened between the ages of nine and 15.
Court documents says the organization failed in its duty to ensure the plaintiff was reasonably safe.

A North Vancouver man is suing Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver alleging he was sexually abused by his big brother between the ages of nine and 15.

In the notice of civil claims filed in B.C. Supreme Court Oct. 7, Shane Ennis alleges volunteer Keith Bennett abused him between 1980 and 1987.

The case, filed by lawyer Naz Kohan, said Big Brothers had a duty to ensure Ennis was reasonably safe while in its care and that it failed in that regard.

“The plaintiff pleads that the defendant Big Brothers can only act through its employees, directors, volunteers, officers and agents and is vicariously liable for their acts and omissions,” state the court documents.

The alleged resulting injuries, the claim said — including pain and suffering; need for treatment; loss of life enjoyment; loss of physical, emotional and mental health; permanent or partial disability and loss of housekeeping capacity — were caused by the defendants’ negligence, the claim said.

Ennis claims he has sustained anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, emotional trauma, substance abuse, emotional breakdowns, lack of social ability, severe stress and withdrawal from others as a result of the alleged abuse.

The claim seeks general, special aggravated and punitive damages; loss of past and future earnings; and past and future health costs.

Big Brothers could not be immediately reached for comment.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

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