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'Burn in hell': B.C. actor, singer acted 'abusively' in claim against talent agency

Tribunal member found Ritchie called  Saba Mohseni’s words to agency manager “intimidating, abusive, and unnecessary.”
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A B.C. actor-singer has lost a fee dispute with their former talent agency.

‘I hope you get caught and you and your kids burn in hell,’ a B.C. actor and singer texted her former talent agency during a B.C. Civil Resolution Tribunal process.

The Tribunal dismissed Saba Mohseni’s claim that The Human Group (THG) agency had improperly withheld $757.97 in commission from her compensation.

Mohseni was also found to have been “intimidating, abusive, and unnecessary” in her communication with agency manager Enisa Hot during the Tribunal.

The issues stemmed back to September 2019 when Mohseni entered an agreement with THG that they would represent her for a percentage-based commission.

In December 2019, Mohseni signed a performance agreement with a third party that said she was entitled to a $3,750 “buyout fee,” plus session fees, for a two-year contract.

The third-party could renew the agreement without her consent for up to four additional years.

It was undisputed that the third party did extend Mohseni’s contract for an additional year, which entitled her to a $2,062.50 buyout fee, Tribunal board member Andrea Ritchie said in the March 15 decision.

But, Mohseni claimed they withheld the full buyout fee from her.

THG denied the accusation, noting it had sent her a cheque for the initial buyout fee, minus their commission, and was unaware she hadn’t cashed it until after the performance renewal.

As far as the $757.97 goes, Ritchie said Mohseni didn’t explain how she arrived at the number other than to say THG improperly paid itself commission on both the initial buyout and the renewal buyout.  Mohseni had deducted that amount from the total amount owed to her.

Richie found THG was entitled to its 15 per cent commission on both buyout fees — $915.47.

“I find she has not proven THG improperly withheld any funds from her,” Richie said.

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