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Capilano University reopens North Vancouver campuses after threat-related closure

The alleged perpetrator has been banned from all CapU campuses, the school says

A student who allegedly issued threats against another student at Capilano University has been banned from all of the school’s campuses, a spokesperson says.

On Monday, CapU opened its doors again, following reports of violent threats that closed the school on Friday and through the weekend.

The school issued a notice on Friday (June 21) that its North Vancouver campuses in the Lynnmour area and on Lonsdale were closed due to a “targeted, specific security threat.”

Administration became aware that a student threatened another student with violence, CapU president Paul Dangerfield said in a statement at the time.

Dangerfield added that he didn’t have reason to believe that there was an ongoing threat to the safety and security of students, and that campuses were expected to reopen on Saturday.

Instead, school grounds stayed closed through Saturday and Sunday.

“The campus closure extended over the weekend to give time for the police to investigate and the university to take steps to fully understand and address the risks,” said Linda Munro, spokesperson for CapU.

She added that the student who allegedly made the threats has been banned from all school grounds and is currently not enrolled in any classes.

“A formal internal process, following the university’s code of conduct policy and procedures, is underway,” Munro said.

Regarding the reopening of the school, the university has worked with police and reassessed the threat, she said, “and has determined CapU campuses [are] able to re-open as usual starting Monday, June 24.”

North Vancouver RCMP said an investigation is ongoing, and that no arrests have been made or charges laid.

“The threats were directed at one individual from another individual,” a spokesperson from the detachment said. “There are no immediate or continued threats to any staff or other students.”

The extended closure was made at the discretion of the school, not police, the spokesperson said.