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Car passenger sues CN after collision with train in Richmond

The woman alleges CN Railway and its employees' negligence caused her injuries.
A car passenger filed a lawsuit after a train allegedly hit a car at the railway crossing on Granville Avenue between No. 4 and 5 roads.

A woman is suing for damages after a train allegedly collided with a car she was in at the Granville Avenue railway crossing.

Hongju Wang from Maple Ridge filed the lawsuit against the Canadian National Railway Company (CN) in B.C. Supreme Court on June 17.

Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are a conductor, an engineer and an employee from CN, as well as Transport Canada, B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the Attorney General of Canada.

The alleged accident took place on Aug. 3, 2022 at the crossing on Granville Avenue between No. 4 and 5 roads in Richmond, according to the lawsuit.

"... a train with locomotive number CN 5679 ... collided with the motor vehicle in which (Wang) was a passenger, as the vehicle was attempting to cross at the railway crossing," reads the lawsuit.

"At the time of the collision, the warning system, in particular the flashing lights and bells, in place at the railway crossing did not activate until the train was within only a few feet of the railway crossing."

The lawsuit also described the area immediately adjacent to the crossing had "significantly overgrown vegetation that blocked the full view of the railway tracks for motorists" on Granville Avenue heading toward the crossing.

As a result of the collision, Wang claims she suffered "serious injuries" to her neck and back among other parts of her body, along with other issues such as headaches and dizziness, shock, sleep loss, anxiety, memory issues and photophobia.

Wang claims the collision was caused by CN's negligence, including failing to operate the train safely and provide timely and clear warnings of its approach, failing to warn the public of "the prevailing dangerous railway crossing," failing to maintain the crossing and hiring "incompetent employees."

She also alleged negligence by CN's engineer, conductor and employee who were at the scene.

As well, Wang alleged Transport Canada and the Ministry of Transportation failed to address or mitigate the risk of a collision between a motor vehicle and a locomotive at the crossing.

Wang is claiming damages for her pain and suffering as well as medical expenses, among other things.

The Richmond News has reached out to CN for comment.

None of these claims have been proven in court.

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