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Four-vehicle pileup at B.C. car wash leads to second lawsuit

Elmira Etemad claimed she was injured when a car became stuck in the car wash and caused a four-car collision.
The pileup happened at a Vancouver, B.C. car wash.

The owners of a Vancouver car wash are suing the company that made the equipment in the wake of a four-car pileup at the facility.

The case arises from another B.C. Supreme Court lawsuit brought by Elmira Etemad.

In an amended notice of civil claim filed Jan. 12, 2022, Etemad claimed she was injured at the 750 Terminal Ave. car wash on April 22, 2018 when the vehicle in front of her became stuck and caused a four-car collision on the conveyer track.

The new case is brought by Yaletown Ministorage which does business as Shine Auto Wash. It names Sonny’s The Car Wash Factory and ABC Company #1 of Tarmac, Florida as defendants.

Yaletown's Jan. 9 notice of civil claim said Sonny’s designed, manufactured, sold and installed the facilities, including the conveyer tracks and components.

The company denied it is liable to Etemad for the incident or that the incident happened as alleged.

Yaletown asserted the contract between it and Sonny’s either expressly or implied Sonny’s said the car wash would be safe for users.

The suit said if an incident was caused by a design or mechanical defect then that was Sonny’s responsibility.

The new suit asks the court to find that any injury, loss or damage suffered by Etemad is Sonny’s fault. It also asks the court to indemnify Yaletown in the Etemad legal action.

Sonny’s did not respond to a Glacier Media request for comment.