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Man gets 45 days in jail for Metro Vancouver crimes — including stealing a Nintendo

Mark Trevor Ealy pleaded guilty to mischief, possession of stolen property, breach and theft charges.
Vancouver Provincial Court
Mark Trevor Ealy has also been ordered to serve 12 months of probation.

A B.C. man has been jailed for 45 days less time served after pleading guilty to mischief, possession of stolen property and theft related to incidents in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Burnaby.

On Feb. 23, Vancouver Provincial Court Judge John Milne heard Mark Trevor Ealy had stolen a Nintendo set in Burnaby on Sept. 14.

Crown prosecutor Michael Fox told the judge Ealy also committed mischief in breaking the window of a car owned by the same person to whom the video play unit belonged.

Fox said a member of the public saw two men break into a parked vehicle and take things from it. Police found Ealy with some of those things, he said.

In August, Fox said, police in North Vancouver found Ealy in possession of a wallet and contents that were known to have been obtained by another offence.

And, in Vancouver, Ealy breached bail conditions earlier in February by touching a motor vehicle. Fox said a civilian saw Ealy looking into vehicles with a flashlight and called police.

Milne also gave Ealy 12 months’ probation.