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Man who uttered stabbing threat at Vancouver AA meeting gets conditional sentence

It was "a very traumatic experience" for the victim, court heard.
"I understand," the accused told the judge when asked if he understood his conditional sentence.

A B.C. man has received a conditional sentence after threatening to stab another man at a Vancouver Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting.

Vaughn David Derouin of Vancouver pleaded guilty to uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm.

Vancouver provincial court Judge Dawn Boblin heard Derouin, 40, threatened a man on June 9 at a meeting on Vancouver’s west side.

Crown prosecutor Sharon Preston told the judge that Derouin had said: "'I can stab you in the head if I want to.'"

Preston said Derouin then went to a kitchen. No knife was found. Staff ushered the other man out, the court heard.

“He indicated it was a very traumatic experience for him,” Preston said of a conversation with the victim.

Boblin heard Derouin has taken the initiative to go to other AA meetings.

He's restricted from going to meetings where the other man is present, including the one where the offence took place (the 1800-block West 16th Avenue) as well as another on Thurlow Street.

Boblin was told there have been no bail breaches considering how “entangled he was in the community.”

The Crown lawyer said the complainant had seen Derouin one day and that Derouin immediately left the area in accordance with conditions.

“I do stay away from that whole situation now,” Derouin told Boblin.

The judge was told Derouin has struggled to keep people in his life and that AA was his safe space. He has taken responsibility for his actions, Boblin heard.

The conditional sentence includes 12 months’ probation. Derouin must also have no contact with the victim.

“I understand,” Derouin said when Boblin asked if he grasped the conditions.

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