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No hidden cameras found at B.C. Airbnb, say police

The Airbnb host was reinstated following the police investigation.
Screengrab from Kennedy Calwell's TikTok video.

Sunshine Coast police have confirmed no camera was ever present in an electrical outlet as claimed by a woman who was staying with friends at an Airbnb earlier this year.

In April, Kennedy Calwell and a group of 15 girlfriends had travelled from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast for a birthday weekend. Upon arriving, one of the girls had decided to check the rental property for a hidden camera.

In a TikTok video, Calwell alleged the group had found a hidden camera facing the shower, in the bottom socket of an electrical outlet. 

In a statement Tuesday, Sunshine Coast RCMP said the outlets did look suspicious. 

"The units were removed and they were sent to the labratory for forensic and functional examination," said Const. Karen Whitby. 

"It was confirmed that they were in fact electrical outlets and did not contain cameras, lenses or any type of storage/recording devices," she said, noting police were notified of the exam results on June 30. 

Police say the complainants, the homeowner and Airbnb have all been notified of the finding. 

In an emailed statement from Airbnb, a spokesperson says the company "is thankful to the Sunshine Coast RCMP for their investigation.”

“And our hope is that the guests are reassured by their findings,” says the spokesperson, adding the Airbnb host has been reinstated.

Calwell responded to the new information and says she is relieved there were no hidden cameras.

She is grateful for the RCMP’s work and notes they’ve been helpful. 

“If there were no hidden cameras we are relieved as this whole situation has caused us all an unnecessary amount of stress and anxiety,” she says.

Calwell tells Glacier Media she only shared her story after a police officer suggested to her ‘cameras’ were found.

In a text message exchange Calwell shared with Glacier Media, it states ‘we got the cameras.’

“I would never have made a video if the RCMP hadn’t told us they found cameras,” she says.