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Hilarious! Squirrel doing squirrely stuff gets 3.4M TikTok views

This squirrel has attitude!
Mr. Nut TikTok video
The Crafty Redhead, Teresa Richards, of Prince George shot a video of a squirrel tossing pine cones at her feet.

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — Mr. Nut is at it again!

Prince George resident Teresa Richards did a 53-second TikTok video of a squirrel her family has named Mr. Nut.

At last count, the video has gotten 3.4 million views because it seems Mr. Nut is quite aggressive as he tosses the pine cones onto the back deck of Teresa’s home. At one point the little nutter seems to look right at Teresa and take aim and with a flip of his head tosses one of many pine cones at her feet.

Teresa has a small business and she’s the Crafty Redhead who creates high-quality bows and other hair accessories and that’s how she got started on TikTok.

“I never thought a squirrel video would get so much attention,” Teresa said, during a chat with The Citizen. “We’ve been here for five years and it’s just something he does, right? We’ve named him and we love him and he’s part of the conversation at our house.”

Teresa and her family had an old shed that Mr. Nut had stored 1,000s of pine cones in years ago but it was so decrepit they had to tear it down and build another one that would actually work for their storage needs. That didn’t seem to slow Mr. Nut down one bit and he’s found other places to store all those pine cones.

Wonder if a neighbour has a full shed?

Check out the video at

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