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'They're so adorable': Three goats need short-term stay in B.C.

Bun Bun, Leone, and Stella are looking for a safe place to stay in Maple Ridge.

A Calgary couple is moving to B.C. and needs help with their livestock as they set up their new house. 

Teddi Jevne and her partner are moving to Maple Ridge and are bringing their three goats with them. 

“We are looking for a facility or a farm that has the proper fencing required to keep them safe for about a week while we build a goat pen,” she says.

Her partner is originally from Maple Ridge and the pair met in Calgary. 

Jevne explains how the three goats are all very friendly and are named Bun Bun, Leone and Stella. 

"Stella was actually raised in the house. She was a house scout for the first year of her life,” she says. “Stella is a fainting goat so if she hears loud noises or anything scares her, she’ll drop and fall over.”

She explains how she first became interested in goats after learning they can be therapy animals. 

“Stella is a registered Tennessee silky miniature fainting goat so I bought her as a therapy animal,” says Jevne. "Goats offer therapeutic energy."

Two-year-old Bun Bun is named after a bunny and is a white female goat.

“Bun Bun was destined for the meat industry and I rescued her,” says Jevne. 

She also rescued Leone, a small black and white male goat, after he was found in a ditch. 

The goats need a place to stay from April 26 to May 3. The couple will supply all the hay and water trough. 

“We just need somewhere with a fence, something that small animals can’t get out of,” she says. “They are all vet-checked, vaccinated and dewormed.” 

Jevne put a call out for help on Facebook and says the response has been overwhelming.

“People think they’re so adorable,” she says. “I’ve had about four people message me."

Anyone who has space for the goats can reach out to Jevne on Facebook

[email protected]