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Video: Box of eels spills from plane at YVR airport

A shipment of live eels was being transported from Toronto to Vancouver.
A box of eels spilled at YVR airport.

Eels sliding down a ramp from a plane is the last thing airport operations staff expected to see in Richmond.

A video posted on social media platform X shows a pile of eels squirming on the ground at Vancouver International Airport on July 7.

The video also shows a few more eels sliding from an open box, down an unloading ramp from a plane, and onto the ground.

Vancouver Airport Authority media relations confirmed with the Richmond News that a shipment of live eels spilled onto the apron surface from an Air Canada cargo plane.

According to Air Canada, the shipment of live eels was flying from Toronto to Vancouver.

"The container accidentally spilled during unloading, allowing some of the eels to escape," said Air Canada.

"They were collected and subsequently repackaged."

The airline added they are in contact with the customer.

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