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'Violated': B.C. mom speaks out after tires slashed, house egged

The single mother of five from Delta says she's received an "outpouring of community support," including a stranger offering to replace her damaged tires.

A Delta mother is speaking out after a group of teens allegedly slashed the tires on her vehicle and egged her house. 

Jamie-Lee Lundy was asleep on Saturday night when she heard a noise outside her property on 115A Street after midnight. 

"I jumped out of bed, peeked out my window, saw two teenage boys in my driveway, watched one crank his arm back and launched something at my house,” she explains. 

She went outside and saw eggs splattered on the front window and heard a hissing noise. 

“I could hear that my car was rapidly losing air out of the tires,” Lundy tells Glacier Media.

Two of the tires have multiple puncture marks.

“I am feeling pretty violated, to be honest,” she says. 

Lundy called Delta Police Department after the incident and is waiting to see what happens with the investigation but is concerned the people responsible won’t be held accountable. 

"I'm left feeling less than protected,” she says. “I would hope that if the parents of the kids see this, that maybe they could come forward to even apologize, a heartfelt apology from the kids to myself, just to let me know that they do have remorse for what they did.”

In a statement to Glacier Media, Acting Insp. James Sandberg with Delta police says there's no indication this vandalism was random and that there is still an open investigation.

"I'm not 100 per cent sure what went on leading up to these events, but it shouldn't result in my home or my property being vandalized to such an extent,” says Lundy. 

Lundy, a single mother to five children, posted about the incident on local Facebook groups as she needed to replace the tires.

She relies on the vehicle to get to work and it is the only vehicle they have to get around as a family. 

“I can't be without a vehicle, especially in my home life, not just work. I need it for my kids as well,” she says. 

Lundy did have security footage set up but it was not in the right position to capture the incident. She is planning to move the camera.

"I am definitely concerned that this could happen again,” she says. 

After posting about the night, a stranger reached out to her wanting to help. On Monday afternoon, an Ernie Carson with Fountain Tire offered to put new tires on and covered all the costs. 

“They just wanted to help,” says Lundy. “This is why I enjoy living here. It's a good community … such an amazing outpouring of community support.”