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Check out this colourized, remastered video of the Lions Gate Bridge being built (VIDEO)

Would you take a job building the bridge?
Screenshot 2022-01-13 143045
The partially finished Lions Gate Bridge in the mid-1930s.

The silhouette of the Lions Gate Bridge is one of the iconic images in Vancouver, but it wasn't always there.

And for a short period, it was sorta there, as it was built.

A video recently posted by YouTube channel Old Canada captures that short period, between 1937 and 1938 as the suspension bridge was constructed. The footage has been updated and remastered. There's also some sound added.

The video starts with shots of the beginning of the bridge before skipping ahead to when the two towers and the huge cable are in place.

Among the other shots in the 12-minute clip are views from the massive cables on the bridge before the road is put in place, shots of ships passing under the partially finished bridge, and workers climbing up and down wooden walkways along the bridge.

There's also footage of a group of men touring the partially finished bridge and standing on top of one of the towers.

To finish it off, there are shots of a beautiful sunset more than 80 years ago.

Lions Gate Bridge officially opened in 1938 between Stanley Park and North Vancouver. It's still there, you can go check.

Old Canada states in the video description that the footage comes from the Vancouver Archives and has been touched up.