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Incredible restored film of Vancouver in 1907 is basically time travel (VIDEO)

Check out the city as it looked over a century ago 🎥

A couple of years ago we shared a video version of a film shot in 1907 in downtown Vancouver.

The grainy, black and white footage is an amazing glimpse back to what the city looked like over 110 years ago, but the quality left a lot to be desired for modern viewers. William Harbeck, the man who shot the reel, was using the best he had, but moving film cameras (film was the only option) were still relatively new; film technology had only been around for about 20 years.

Now technology has advanced to the point where a YouTuber can go back to that film and remaster it and enhance it. That's what regnittuB (Buttinger backwards) has done with Harbeck's footage. It's now in 4k, running at 60 FPS, stabilized and has colour and audio added

Taken from the front of a Vancouver trolley, the video shows the city full of activity, and with the enhanced quality, stabilization, colour and audio it looks better than ever. Check it out below.