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'Jason Takes Manhattan' was filmed in Vancouver

Jason takes Vancouver
Jason Vorhees from the 'Friday the 13th' movies apparently takes the SkyTrain in Vancouver just like you and me

Did you know that the film Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan was mostly filmed in Vancouver? It’s true.

When they filmed it in 1989 they had a limited budget of around $5 million, so the producers decided to film most of it here in order to stretch that out.

They did film a little bit of it in New York - Times Square specifically - and a little bit of it in Los Angeles. However as a critic from the Boston Globe pointed out, they maybe should have called it “Jason Takes a Cruise” because a large portion of it actually takes place on a boat.

And the SkyTrain. Jason Vorhees took the SkyTrain, where he proceeded to wreak havoc.

Enjoy this clip of Jason making friends on his commute, and have a happy Halloween.


@bcisawesome Jason takes a cruise #bchistorywithbobk #skytrain #vancouverbc #horrormovies ♬ original sound - BC Is Awesome


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