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Photos: Who remembers the Skyline Hotel in Richmond?

The hotel had a very colourful history, from bar fights involving serial killers to having a "ballet" bar out the back...

Talk about a storied venue…

It seems like, if you ever had reason to frequent the old Skyline Hotel at No. 3 Road and Sea Island Way, you’d never forget it.

From being the place to go to get served alcohol while underage to being abandoned for hours in a car as a child, while your dad went inside to drink, the Skyline is not short on colour.

And that’s before we even get to the Surf Cabaret club (strip bar AKA the “Richmond Ballet”) behind the hotel and the night child killer Clifford Olson apparently got kicked out for fighting over a game of pool.

All those “wonderful” memories and more are recalled on social media when old photos of the famous – and occasionally infamous – hotel are published.

The hotel was built in 1956 and was considered Richmond’s first "modern" hotel at the time.

It was, according to the Friends of the Richmond Archives, renovated and expanded several times during its history, before it was finally razed in late 2013 to make way for condos.

Other memories included the felt-covered bar tables, cashing pay checks in the hotel and the fact there was, apparently a separate entrance for females and escorts.

The hotel also sponsored a baseball team back in the ‘70s, called the Skyliners.