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The story of B.C.'s first ridesharing company, a stagecoach line!

Barnard's Express was the original Lyft, only when you called shotgun it meant you were the one who held the shotgun!

This is the fourth (and last!) episode of Season 3 of our BC Was Awesome history show, just released today!

In it I head up to Vernon, B.C. to get the story of Barnard's Express, which would later become known as the British Columbia Express Company.

It was the first courier service in British Columbia, and it started during the gold rush.

They begun by bringing mail to and from the gold fields in Barkerville and grew to become a company that transported goods and passengers all around the province.

Historian Ken Mather gave me some of the dirt, as did one of the founders of a cidery that bears the BX name.

Then I tried my hand at driving a replica of an original Barnard Express stagecoach.

Watch below, and if you missed any of the other 29 episodes we've done you can watch them all HERE. And be sure to subscribe to V.I.A.'s YouTube Channel for videos like this, as well as other, non-history related ones.