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This extremely 80s video captures Vancouver before Expo 86 (VIDEO)

Shots include the construction of the now-iconic sails at Canada Place.

This may be nostalgic for some readers. Others might find it a bit cheesy by today's standards.

While it may not feel like it to everyone, the early 80s were 40 years ago, and a lot has changed over that time. To see that, check out this tourism video, capturing the vibe of the city before Expo 86 came to town.

"Probably the key to appreciating Vancouver is being aware of that intangible element of change," says narrator Art Hives. "In seasons, in events, in styles of architecture, in people and their pursuits, at work and seeking leisure."

"Life is very full in this city, a unique blending of outdoor freedom and naturalness with civilized sophistication," he continues. "A seaport and crossroads between North America and the Pacific Rim. Always cosmopolitan, yet a city with its own distinct identity. Its own sense of being."

Perhaps the most notable change, aside from some of the fashion choices, is the skyline, with far fewer skyscrapers.

Made just before Expo 86 (it even offers a glimpse into the future with shots of what is now Science World and other sites), perhaps the most interesting part of the video is how 80s it feels, from the music, to the narration, to the fashion on screen.

It was produced for the Greater Vancouver Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote the city as a destination, focusing on attractions and experiences people would find in the city as the tourism industry grew.