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Richmond crowned 'best-valued' poutine in Canada

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Stock image of poutine. JML Images, Moment, Getty Images

Richmond wins the crown for the city with the best-valued poutine in Canada, according to a study by CanadaCasino.

The city came in first with an average price of $8.42 for poutine and an average restaurant rating of 4.62 out of 5 for poutine based on information from local restaurants.

Poutine offerings in Ontario’s Hamilton and Windsor followed in second and third place at $10.86 and $10.46, respectively.

While Richmond may have the best value price for poutine, the cheapest poutine goes to Winnipeg with prices averaging $8.29.

In contrast, Longueuil, Que. is home to the most expensive poutine in Canada with an average price of $15.85 — almost doubling Richmond.

CanadaCasino used UberEats to analyze the top five restaurants that served poutine in each city and used the data to calculate the average price of the dish and restaurant ratings in each location from five different restaurants while avoiding chain restaurants.