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These nails are jewels, not tools: 4 salons for the best nail art in Vancouver ๐Ÿ’…

These technicians are all about skill and your fingertips
La Lotus nail art
La Lotus Nail Spa on Davie Street is one of the best places to get nail art done in Vancouver.

When I got my nails done for my bachelorette party I wanted something a little bit extra, so for the first time, I asked for nail art instead of my usual single colour. I got them shaped to a point and coloured with a pink and white ombre effect. To finish them off I had holographic gems put on my pinky and ring fingers.

I loved my nails but what I didn't count on was my friends also appreciating them so much that they wouldn't let me do a single thing with my hands all weekend. "Nails are jewels, not tools," one said to me as she whisked a can out of my grip and opened it for me.

Needless to say, I will be getting nail art again.

Here are five of the best places to visit for nail art so good that your friends will do everything for you.

Classy Claws

Classy Claws is a full-service salon that will work with clients to figure out what products and nail designs will work best with their lifestyle and preferences. With over 1100 different polish options on hand, clients are spoiled for choice when it comes to colours and adornments. Classy Claws aims to have the largest selection of Swarovski crystals and nail art accessories than anywhere else. Located in East Vancouver, nails here can take a little longer than people may be used to but that's because the techs are such perfectionists and nails last longer because of it.

La Lotus Nail Spa

A quick scroll through the La Lotus Spa Instagram should tell you everything you need to know. Located on Davie Street and one of the biggest nail salons in Vancouver, La Lotus sees a lot of clients and yet the quality of work never wavers. They specialize in intricate delicate nail art and are a good option for people who want a design but not necessarily any three-dimensional texture. They can do the rhinestone nails, however, and they make them look sophisticated and not too in your face.

Akari Nails

Just because you like having short nails doesn't mean you should miss out on nail art. Japanese nail artist Akari Nail Design is based out of a private studio in Kerrisdale and specializes in gel nail art which is more nail-friendly than acrylic. She also manages to pack amazing artistic details into a much smaller canvas with her work. Most of her designs are delicate and feminine and she has been known to make three-dimensional kawaii sets (clients are asked to give her a few days notice if they want to book that though).

Priscilla Nails

Priscilla of Priscilla Nails not only does nails but she teaches a training course for technicians in Vancouver. With over nine years of experience doing nail art she is highly sought after and inventive with her designs. From crazy pop arty stiletto designs to cute and understated rounded nails, it's pretty amazing what can be done with a nail when your artistry and skill are that on-point. She works out of a private studio so you need to reach out for an appointment.