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Photos: Barbie now has a Canadian connection

Mattel has partnered with a beloved Canadian fashion designer on a nostalgia-fuelled Barbiecore collection.

It has been declared the summer of Barbie which is interesting because the movie that started this whole trend doesn't actually come out until next year, so what will we be wearing by then?

Celebrities and brands have been jumping on the pink Barbiecore bandwagon left and right and that includes a beloved Canadian designer.

Barbie's parent company Mattel has a brand new collaboration with contemporary ethical womenswear designer Hilary MacMillan.

Launching on August 11 the 15-piece 'Shades of Pink' collection includes 11 pieces for women and four for young girls. Some of the items rework MacMillan's best-selling styles and silhouettes using Barbie's iconic pink hues, for instance the Matrix-style trench coat. 

“This capsule reimagines our brand’s staples to channel the nostalgia of Barbie through generations past and cementing our vision in offering optimistic and dopamine dressing,” says MacMillan in a press release. “Ready to wear has seen a resurgence and our partnership with Barbie comes at a time when people are searching to find inspiration in their clothing once again. We’ve done something special by creating timeless yet trendsetting classics to take consumers back through time, yet forward in fashion.”

Each garment in the collection is purposely designed to reference Barbie through the generations, channelling contemporary style, athleisure, and formal elegance. In a practical sense, the collection is also a bright and dynamic way to transition from summer to fall.

The capsule also spotlights Canadian jeweller Biko by featuring two pins made exclusively for Shades of Pink.

A spokesperson from Mattel says they chose to partner with MacMillan because of her "impact on the Canadian fashion industry as a changemaker and pioneer in both size inclusive and vegan fashion."

If anyone has plans to visit Toronto this summer an experiential concept store will also be opening on Bloor Street, the same day as the launch, that transports visitors into a luxe Barbie-inspired closet with an all-pink interior. I imagine it would feel a lot like walking onto the Barbie film set.