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The 5 best facials in Vancouver for all skin concerns

Detox, nourish, sculpt, and glow with these stand-out treatments.
Wondering where to find the best facial treatments in Vancouver? Here are five of the top options in the city.

When it comes to skin, warmer weather can mean a few things. People usually prefer to wear less makeup in summer or even go makeup-free altogether but the increased humidity, the heat, and sunscreen can cause a spike in our body's natural oil production that leads to acne breakouts. If we're trying to apply less product to our faces and bare it all, we also want to put our healthiest most glowing skin forward.

Facial treatments can be a great way to address skin concerns all year round and supplement the skincare products we use every day. Different treatments can address different concerns like hydration, acne, aging, and dullness with a head-on heavy dose of the good stuff. These five facials are stand-out for their ability to reset the skin for noticeable results that will last.

Here are five of the best facials in Vancouver for any skin concern.

Fig All-in facial

We're starting off strong with a Fig facial. This technology-driven medical-grade facial clinic started in a tiny space on West 4th and has since expanded to Mount Pleasant, and even Los Angeles and Toronto due to the demand. It's that good. There will also be a location opening at Ambleside in West Vancouver in the fall. The spaces are also very design-forward and trendy so it's a great experience just to be there.

All of the treatments are quick and effective and you can add on injectable wrinkle relaxers or vitamin shots to each one but the star of the show is the All-in facial which is a total reset for even the most woeful skin. The treatment is 30 minutes and combines exfoliation, sculpting, and hydration using microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, and ultrasound. It's great for addressing hyperpigmentation, scarring, enlarged pores, and wrinkles.

Skoah Facialiscious facial

This facial combines relaxation with amazing results. It's one of the longest on this list coming in at 75 minutes but a large part of that is made up of a full body massage. Facials can often be practical transactional affairs, in and out with no fuss which is great for regular skin upkeep but I wouldn't call them relaxing. This treatment cleanses, tones, masks, exfoliates and extracts (always the worst part) but balances that out with what you would typically expect of a spa treatment - but you'll notice the difference in your skin for much longer afterwards. There are two Skoah locations in Vancouver, one in Yaletown and one on Broadway, with a few other locations dotted around Metro Vancouver.

Oxygeneo Facial

This facial is often referred to as a super facial. Anyone who has had an oxygen facial in the past may recall oxygen being pushed into the skin but this facial, which is available at clinics and medispas across Metro Vancouver, uses the Bohr effect which occurs naturally in the body to trigger our blood cells to release the oxygen by introducing carbon dioxide to the skin. The treatment comes in five different variations to address concerns like dullness, signs of aging, acne, dry skin, and detoxification.

It's a three-step process whereby the skin is exfoliated, treated, and then moisturized and overall it takes about 45 minutes. It doesn't have to be limited to the face either; the balance treatment can also be done on the back for body acne or it could be applied to areas of hyperpigmentation or chapped skin. And the effects are immediately noticeable and skin is the smoothest it has ever been.

JW Marriott Renew facial

During the height of the pandemic when everyone was suffering from 'mascne' (myself included) the JW Marriot Parq spa introduced a restorative facial to combat the effects of consistent mask wearing which was one of the best facials of my life. Sadly, it was for a limited time only and is no longer on their year-round menu. However, this renew facial is a close second. It's a deep cleansing treatment that will clear out the skin in a way that most of us just can't manage at home. A lot of pollutants, oils, and dead skin can build up in our pores and a daily face wash isn't able to get it all out. Once the skin is all squeaky clean the facial also restores a moisture barrier so you're good to go with a whole fresh face. It's a great way to give your skin a little helping hand and you also get to enjoy the Parq spa amenities like the rooftop hot tub afterwards so it's a win-win.

Chi spa, Rejuvenating Collagen facial

The Chi Spa at the Shangri-La Vancouver is the most luxurious entrant on this list. Every treatment comes with its own personal spa suite complete with bathing pool. Add-ons such as an aromatic steam shower, hot paraffin hand and feet treatments, and hot oil scalp and hair treatments are on offer with the facial menu. This facial is the ultimate nourishing treatment and while there is a dedicated anti-aging facial on the menu too, I would recommend the rejuvinating collagen one because it uses active collagen and pressure point facial massage to leave skin looking radiant. There's also a tension-releasing shoulder massage for good measure. If signs of aging are a concern that you want addressed I would also add on the neck collagen mask which tightens, lifts and moisturizes the neck and decolletage area and takes no extra time.

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