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This stylish Metro-Vancouver tableware brand is opening a store on Granville Street

Watch the space 👀

Keen-eyed pedestrians may have noticed a new addition to the stores that line South Granville Street. The area is known for its swanky upscale boutiques and cool high-street vibe which makes it the perfect locale for the stylish ethically-made tableware brand Fable to set up shop.

Fable designs dining sets that are meant to hold the reverence of your parent's wedding china while being practical enough to use every day. They will last a lifetime like family heirlooms but they won't have the rose pattern along the trim. Instead, their designs are focused on remaining timeless and minimal. This approach also allows Fable to break out of the cycle of replaceable overly consumable products which aligns with their mandate of sustainability and transparent production.

Fable is a Burnaby-based company that has expanded from dinner plates to all things needed to throw a dinner party: napkins, glasses, flatware, and pasta bowls. They even have a few vases to decorate the table and a scrub brush to clean up afterwards.

Across the currently-shuttered windows of the new space, Fable writes "Great history is written over great meals," almost as if it's heralding the opening of a restaurant instead of a store. The words are paired with old photos of famous meals. And on the door is a QR code that leads to the Fable website. There is no sign of what the space will look like when it's open for business nor any mention of an opening date.

We hope to hear more from Fable soon.