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Hey, Colleague: When's the right time to leave my job?

Is it time to start planning your next move?
leaving work
Is your work environment toxic? Such an environment can increase stress, blood pressure and risk for chronic illnesses.

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Hey Colleague, 

Lately, I’ve been feeling the blues at work and I am SO torn!! I’ve been here for a few years and I work in a trendy industry, I love my colleagues, my boss, the company culture, and I have a stable salary. I’m only 29 and I feel like I shouldn’t be complaining but something tells me there is more out there… because of that, I’m starting to feel unsatisfied with my work which is contradictory to what I mentioned above. I want to try new things, travel… but it’s so hard to leave a job that I truly love. What should I do?


A few years ago, a global poll conducted by Gallup discovered only 15% of a billion workers were engaged at work.

That is a staggering 85% of people who are also unhappy at their jobs. You mentioned you loved your job but it seems like you are unfulfilled. In a world hopefully coming out of a pandemic, I’m sure even more people are in your shoes as the last two years have shifted mindsets for many as paradigms were shattered and new realities were created.

Here are some signs it may be time for you to start planning your next move:

You dread going to work every single day.

Constant unhappiness can cause stress which translates into chronic inflammation in your body. However, keep in mind you have to hold yourself accountable. You got yourself in this situation so you must take the steps to get out. Use your free time to level up or learn a new skill so you can find a job you truly enjoy.

Your work culture, including your boss and colleagues, is toxic.

There is nothing more draining than negative environments. In fact, being in a toxic environment whether it is at work or home can increase stress, blood pressure, the risk for chronic illnesses and many other ailments. If your work culture isn’t going to change, it’s in your best interest to leave for your mental and physical health.

There is no room for creativity.

When there is no room for creativity, there is no room for growth. Since creativity is necessary for solving complex problems needed to push mankind to the next level, this need is wired into your brain. You will naturally feel unfulfilled if this is compromised. If your subconscious is hinting at you this is the case, listen to it.

You believe you are meant for bigger and better things.

This one is big. If there is a nagging voice in your head telling you there is more to life, listen to your instincts. You can’t redo life. There is an abundance of opportunities and divergent lifestyles out there and you won’t know until you’ve taken the leap to experience it.

Remember, you have one life to live. 

You are still very young at 29 and in this fast-paced world we live in, it is normal to have multiple careers in different industries at different stages in your life. We are constantly changing — passions and interests evolve as we do, so scratch those itches if you are lucky enough to be in a situation to be able to. 

In fact, because I prioritize my brain health and learning, I always encourage that in younger adults I mentor. Learning stimulates your brain, keeping it forever young and sharp. Listen to your instincts, trust yourself and step out of your comfort zone.