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This water repellent denim was made for drizzly Vancouver weather

They also repel dirt.
duer stay dry denim
Outdoor clothing and adventure apparel brand Duer has created two types of jeans that are perfect for Vancouver autumns and winters.

It's no secret that water and denim don't mix; when the classic fabric gets wet, it warps, gets itchy, kinda smells, and it starts to weigh you down because damp denim is heavier. It also takes forever to dry.

Overall, denim and rain are a bad combo which doesn't bode well for Vancouverites who live in jeans all autumn and winter long.

However, Vancouver outdoor apparel brand Duer has created the ultimate pair of jeans that upholds our city's love of denim while combatting the inhospitable denim weather.

The Stay Dry Performance Denim pants look like any other pair of jeans, they come in different fits like slim and boot cut, but they're treated with a special coating that repels water and dirt.

The blend of cotton, polyester, and lycra is treated with DWR (durable water repellent) which reduces the surface tension of the fabric so that water rolls right off. It's the same treatment used on most Gore-Tex products like rainjackets and windbreakers but it doesn't affect the overall finish of the garment, it still looks like denim.

Because of the two per cent Lycra in the fabric blend, there is a little bit of stretch and reinforced seams help the usually stiff garment offer a full range of motion for people who want to bike, skateboard, or even hike in the jeans. The denim is also treated with moisture-wicking applications for odour-neutralization and sweat management.

In addition to pants, Duer has made jean jackets with the fabric so, between the jeans, the jacket, and a pair of Vessis (Vancouver's other rain-triumphing brand), no one will ever need a slicker or umbrella again.

Duer has also just launched a new winter denim collection which introduces Fireside Jeans, which weaves denim and fleece together into a single layer for warmth without bulkiness. They are also treated with the same DWR as the Stay Dry jeans.