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100+ fireworks complaints fielded Halloween night despite Vancouver ban

In one incident, a VPD officer chased a trio who had been firing what appears to be a Roman candle at people.
In one instance a VPD officer chased a trio on foot who had fired fireworks.

It seems that despite a ban on fireworks in Vancouver, plenty of people decided to ignore it on Halloween night.

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services fielded more than 100 tips through 311 about fireworks on Oct. 31. Of those, fire prevention inspectors went to 30 locations.

"They confiscated fireworks at six different incidents," spokesperson Matthew Trudeau tells V.I.A. "They encountered numerous youth lighting fireworks and did not ticket them or press charges against the youths they encountered."

Firefighters were also called to two small fires caused by fireworks, he added. One was a brush fire crews put out quickly and another was at the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre in South Vancouver.

"A window was broken and fireworks entered in the building," notes Trudeau. "No fire damage inside, just smoke."

In another incident involving fireworks, a police officer chased three people on foot for a moment after they directed fireworks towards East Hastings Street and Templeton where Halloween revellers and cars were. The incident was shared on Reddit by u/Ok-Midnight-8732.

"Our officers responded and the kids ran away," VPD spokesperson Const. Tania Visintin tells V.I.A. "No arrests were made and as far as we know, no injuries have been reported."

Across the city, there were few issues, she adds.

"There were several minor disturbances and a small number of arrests, but no major incidents related to Halloween festivities," she explains.

While officials say fireworks didn't cause too many issues, some in Vancouver turned to social media to share their disappointment in hearing the explosions.