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Over $13M worth of fentanyl, cocaine, illicit drugs seized in Vancouver crime group bust

The seizure comes after a year-long investigation.
The Vancouver Police Department seized over $13 million in illicit drugs, guns, and cash in downtown Vancouver following a year-long investigation.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) announced today, May 25, that approximately $13 million in drugs, guns, and cash were seized in Vancouver following a year-long investigation into an organized crime group.

In March, investigators from the VPD's Organized Crime Section conducted three search warrants at locations in downtown Vancouver as part of phase two of Project Torque.

During the search warrants, VPD seized 14 kilograms of fentanyl, 12 kilograms of cocaine, 17 kilograms of methamphetamine, and 73 kilograms of MDMA, four firearms, and over $190,000 in cash.

The first phase of the investigation in December, 2022, led to the seizure of $3 million in drugs and guns, including over 88 kilograms of illicit drugs. 

“In total, during this investigation, more than 200 kilograms of illicit hard drugs have been seized," says Inspector Phil Heard, commanding officer of Vancouver Police Department’s Organized Crime Section.

Two men and two women were arrested during the second phase of the investigation and will face numerous drugs and firearms charges when the investigation is complete.