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25 stunning snaps of cherry blossom 'pink snow' in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Is there such a thing as too many cherry blossom photos?
Many of Vancouver's streets are covered for blocks in 'pink snow.' Photo: / Instagram

Spring has sprung in Vancouver and many of the city's streets and parks are covered in delicate cherry blossom petals. 

At this point in Vancouver's cherry blossom season, all late season trees have finished blooming. As result, many streets are covered for blocks in 'pink snow,' and locals have captured images of the rosy spring wonderland.

While you won't be able congregate under a popular canopy of powder-pink cherry blossoms anytime soon, you can enjoy their spring beauty from the comfort of your home. 

The City of Vancouver cancelled a number of its annual Cherry Blossom Festival events, such as the popular Sakura Days and The Big Picnic, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is featuring virtual walks for those who were hoping to discover the magic of the blossoms up close. 

Have a look at some of Vancouver's fluffly, cotton-candy canopies and the streets covered with sweet petals. 


Beautiful pink cherry carpet !🌸 #cherryblossoms #vancouvercherryblossoms #beautifulbc #socialdistancing

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Oy with the pink trees already. #lastone #cherryblossoms #vancouvercherryblossoms #eastvan

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#btsstory - I was travelling by air with a heart full of dreams✨ when the world declared lockdown! I landed in a city full of #cherryblossoms , only to be locked inside the walls of a home. After a strict 14-day quarantine, I started going on little walks on the small streets behind my house. One day while I was strolling in my PJs aimlessly I came across this little street of heaven ♥️ both the lanes lined with Sakura trees 🌸 road sides covered by a carpet of the fallen blossoms, far end of the road disappearing into a gradient of sunset 🌇 It suddenly struck me that very few days were left for all the flowers to wither and mark the end of the cherry blossom season. I returned home, slept off dreaming about it. Next day, got ready, waited for the golden hour, packed my mask, gloves, sanitizer, tripod and mobile, set out straight to this little hidden street. Thanks to lockdown the street was empty. I fixed the tripod setup and got all ready for my very first mini #selfphotoshoot . 😍 I stood in front of camera and only then realised I always knew I wanted to do this but I don't know how to do it 😄 after about 100 awkward pictures, smiling sheepishly at the few passersby, a competition between the wind and the raven of who ll shatter the tripod first, befriending a Punjabi neighbor uncle (whose house pathway I'm sitting on 😂) by losing 15 precious mins of the limited golden hour lighting, I finally managed to get those few insta worthy clicks. And, boy am I proud 😇 If you are still reading this, thank you 😊 I know it's a long post. But this is a piece of my heart. I want you to know that there are always better things out there that we don't get to have. But if you have that light in you to believe and make the most of what you have right now, the best thing ever will just unveil itself right in front of you ♥️ . #selfphotography #larissapresets #vancouvercherryblossoms #vancouverblogger #vancity #canadablogger #chennaiblogger #lifestyleblogger #selfshoot #contentcreator #streetsofvancouver #vancouverlife #cherryblossomgirl #sakurabloom #girlwithadream #pixelphotography #pixel3aphotography #teampixel #creatorsofvancity #girltraveler #explorewithme

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Spring is here #cherryblossoms #vancouvercherryblossoms 🌸

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Choose joy. 🌸🌷 #VancouverCanada

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A flower does not think of competing with those around it. It just blooms.

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It’s snowing flowers. . . . . . #yvr #cherryblossoms #vancouvercherryblossoms

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Fresh air feels 🌸🌬

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Cherry blossoms of the day...don’t worry they won’t last much longer so I’ll stop posting them soon!

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