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5 other things you (probably) didn't know were named Vancouver

Vancouver here there and everywhere.

Since last time many were curious about other things called Vancouver, here are five more.

Most things in the world can trace their name back to Capt. George Vancouver. If they're not named after him directly, often they're named for something that got its name from him.

That's actually the case with a few of these since they appear to be named after the city of Vancouver (the one we think is awesome) and the name of Vancouver, B.C., comes from the sea captain.

1. The Vancouver Spinster

While this may seem like a rude nickname for a neighbour, it's actually got to do with something that spins. Spins webs, that is.

The Vancouver Spinster, aka Tachygyna vancouverana (if you're into Latin names), is a small spider found in these parts. First scientifically described in 1939, it's a small species of sheet weaver spider (also known as money spiders since they're believed to be a sign of good fortune).

Not much is known about them, not because they're rare, but because the sheet weaver spiders are common and found worldwide, and therefore these ones haven't been studied in too much depth.

2. Vancouver Hotel

Need a place to stay in the Brazilian city of Ribeirao Preto?

How about the Vancouver Hotel? 

Located on the edge of the city (home to about 1 million), it plays up a connection to Canada in some ways, with the odd maple leaf on its site and Canadian art in the rooms, but why there's that connection isn't obvious.

Oh, also, they have a meal called a 'Vancouver Snack' which appears to be a pork or chicken sandwich with fries.

3. Vancouver Media

Yes, the TV stations, newspapers and websites based in Vancouver, B.C., can all be called Vancouver media, but if you talk about Vancouver Media you're talking about a Spanish television company.

And while Vancouver has a significant TV and film production industry here, Vancouver Media isn't really shooting stuff on Canada's Pacific coast. Their shows — like Money Heist, White Lines, and Sky Rojo — are mostly shot in Europe.

4. Vancouver Sky Studio

Vancouver's reputation as a yoga town seems to be transoceanic, as there's a Japanese yoga studio bearing the city's name.

Well, it makes more sense given it appears the people behind it have lived in Vancouver.

"Vancouver Sky Studio is a studio where you can feel Vancouver, Canada in Osaka. I wanted to capture the magnificence and natural beauty of Vancouver, the open spaces and the friendly and warm atmosphere," they write on their website.

They've actually got two locations in Osaka, and offer sessions in English.

5. Vancouver Quarter

If you heard there was a shopping area called the Vancouver Quarter, what would it look like?

Well, one does exist, in King's Lynn, in England. Yes, the name of the town is King's Lynn. 

The little coastal city is home to the Vancouver Quarter shopping centre, a 45-store outdoor mall, with "a strong line-up of retailers including H&M, T.K.Maxx, New Look, Wilko and Sainsbury’s," according to its website (yes, T.J. Maxx is called T.K. Maxx over there).

Bonus — West 4th

West 4th Kitchen and Wine Bar doesn't share a name with Vancouver, but it does get its name from the city. Specifically,  Kitsilano.

Two childhood friends moved to Vancouver after working in the corporate world in the UK. They enjoyed their time here and then returned to London all the same.

But they wanted to bring the spirit of the city back with them, and opened up a restaurant.

"We wanted to emulate Vancouver's relaxed and friendly feel at West 4th. We hope you think we’ve managed to do so!" they write on their website.

Their dishes include 'Oh Canada Breakfast Poutine,' 'Kelowna Fried Cauliflower' and 'The Stanely Park Scrambler.'

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