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5 things you (probably) didn't know about the BC Lions

Will you 'Roar you Lions, Roar'?
The 2022 BC Lions celebrate during a game versus Edmonton.

With the BC Lions headed to the Grey Cup playoffs, it's maybe time to learn a few things about the team (especially since the Canucks aren't giving anyone anything to cheer about).

Like, did you know they have a fight song? 

It's called 'Roar you Lions, Roar' and was written by an Edmonton-based broadcaster named Peggy Miller. Here it is (skip to the 32-second mark to hear the lyrics.

The band you're hearing is actually local legend Dal Richards' big band (who even made an album of all the CFL fight songs in the 60s).

If you knew that, here are some facts you might not have heard before.

1. The name has nothing to do with mountain lions

While a cougar, aka mountain lion (aka puma, aka catamount), has long been the logo for the BC Lions, the name is actually a reference to the two peaks north of the city (called the Sisters by the Squamish).

When the team was awarded to Vancouver in 1953, there was a city-wide contest to pick their name, and the Lions was picked as a nod to the local landmark. The logo and connection to cougars followed since they also are strong and fast.

The colours, meanwhile, came from the Meralomas, an amateur sports club (including Rugby) in Vancouver where the team had strong connections.

2. Lions kicker Lui Passaglia holds a few records, including most games played by a professional football player

Passaglia is a Lions legend, and for good reason. The Vancouver-born kicker holds several records, and was a big part of three Grey Cup wins for the Lions (he scored the game-winning points in 1985, 1994 and 2000).

That actually hints at his biggest record, having played in 1985 and 2000; however, in 1985 he was already a vet.

Passaglia had a massive 25-year career (all with the Lions) in professional football with 408 games played. While, as a kicker, that allows for a less injury-prone career, 408 games is exceptional.

In baseball or basketball 400 games might not be huge, but in pro football, where seasons are 18 games or so long, 400 games is a lot. For comparison, second place in the CFL is Bob Cameron, who played 394. And after him there are huge drops to Damon Allen (370) and Paul McCallum (340). The CFL has said that record could live forever.

It's not just the CFL, either. Passaglia holds that record over NFL players as well, where Morten Andersen holds the record at 382. It's a record Tom Brady can't even touch, as he's at 324, and would need five more seasons of uninterrupted games to beat Passaglia.

Oh, and Passaglia also holds the CFL records for most punts and field goals as well.

3. A fan was flattened by a Lion during a game, and tried to sue

One day in June of 2018 a man decided to go for a jog. Unusually, he decided to take his pants off. Even odder, he decided to do all this at a CFL game in BC Place.

The streaker was able to dodge stadium security out on the field, but then made the mistake of getting close to the teams, who had been lining up for a play.

Defensive back Marcell Young decided to end the guy's run with a solid hit. And the crowd went wild.

Reports from a couple days after the game say the man had gotten a personal injury lawyer to tackle his case, citing 'serious injuries from the hit.

4. Carl Weathers played for them

You may know Carl Weathers from a few things, like Predator, Rocky or Arrested Development. More recently he showed up in the Mandolorian.

Long-time Lions fans though may, or may not, remember him from his first career as a linebacker. He played for the team from 1971 to 1973 during an era that was rather forgettable for the team and maybe also for Weathers, who didn't do much of note during those two years. He retired and moved on to acting in 1974.

5. Pamela Anderson was discovered at a game

In 1989 Anderson was at a game as a fan, just sitting in the crowd wearing a Labatt's beer t-shirt. That image went up on BC Place's Jumbotron and Anderson's career path switched from fitness instructor to sex symbol.

Labatt saw her and hired her as a spokesmodel. Before the year was over she appeared on a Playboy cover and was modelling, which led to a role on Home Improvement, which led to Baywatch.