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5 things you (probably) didn't know were inspired by Vancouver

From a raccoon PI to the waterfront of a Middle Eastern city to an eatery in London.
From left to right, a meal at West 4th, a scene from Tails Noir, a section of the waterfront in Dubai.

Vancouver is not the oldest city on the block.

In fact, given its settler origins and post-industrial revolution boom, the city is one of the youngest global cities.

But that doesn't mean it hasn't inspired people or places, despite what some may say.

So here are five things (well, actually a few extra), that were inspired by Vancouver.

1. LaRousse City in Pokemon

The Pokemon film Destiny Deoxys may be a little obscure, but it did mark the creation of LaRousse City

While it may not be an exact replica of Vancouver, the city's design is based on here (here being Vancouver).

2. These nine restaurants

While Vancouver's food scene may not have a unifying dish (in fact, one of the city's strengths is the diversity of food found here) that hasn't stopped a bunch of restaurants from being inspired by Vancouver.

They range from a Chilean seaside pub that seems loosely linked (thematically) to the city to a couple of spots specifically inspired and named after neighbourhoods in Vancouver (Gastown East in Australia and West 4th in London, England).

3. This section of waterfront in Dubai

Locals are quite proud of the seawall, so it shouldn't be a surprise somewhere might try and duplicate it.

And it turns out that double is in Dubai. A sort of false False Creek, you might say.

Mirrored after the neighbourhood and waterway that is one of the current defining features of Vancouver, the Dubai Marina was an early piece of the United Arab Emirates city's massive growth over recent decades (in 1995 it had around 674,000 residents and by 2015 it was nearing 2.5 million). 

4. A "luxury development" in Beijing

Vancouver's outer neighbourhoods may not seem particularly impressive to people who have lived here for a long time, but at least one place was intrigued by the idea of west coast suburbia.


That's how a whole neighbourhood was built based on local homes. Unfortunately, Google Streetview isn't in China, so a comparison isn't available.

5. A film-noir-style retro video game starring a raccoon

Originally called Backbone, Tails Noir is a role-playing game released in 2021 across several platforms, including Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

It was developed by Eggnut, which is a remote game studio, and published by Raw Fury, a video game publisher in Sweden.

In the game you play the role of Howard Lotor, a raccoon private investigator in a dystopian version of Vancouver filled with anthropomorphic creatures and critters.

The game has seen some success, too, with a prequel released earlier this year. The original won a few international awards, as well.