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A Metro Vancouver group is live streaming an eagle's nest with two eaglets (VIDEO)

The two young birds are just a few days old

Sur and Res welcomed a pair of young ones into the world in the last couple of days, and anyone can watch as the little eaglets begin to grow up.

Sur and Res and their two young eaglets live in an aerie (the name for an eagle's nest) in Surrey south of White Rock. With a pair of webcams trained at the giant nest, people can watch any time of the day; for example, at around 12:15 p.m. Monday one of the adults is shown to be feeding one of the young birds (YouTube allows you to go back and look at footage from up to 12 hours ago).

The webcams are run by the Hancock Wildlife Foundation; they run two focused on the Surrey Reserve aerie. One is a close-up, where you can see the two young eaglets when they aren't being sat on/kept warm by one of the adults. The other (below)) is a wider shot of the whole nest. One is has a microphone, so you can hear when the eagles call from the nest.

The two young ones just hatched over the Easter weekend, so they're still tiny.

It seems over the past 12 hours the eaglets are fed about once an hour, often at quarter past the hour (so 6:15 a.m., 8:15 a.m., etc.). The adult who's been on the nest has some food sitting nearby in the nest as well; it has been pulling pieces off for the offspring.

Other things are caught on the cams as well, like when a smaller bird arrives at the nest, apparently looking for feathers to steal, perhaps for its own nest.

The foundation also takes clips from the streaming videos to save big moments, as well, like when the second eaglet started hatching when the first was being fed.

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