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'Accurate': Hilarious viral image shows reality of Vancouver 'seasons'

"Worst Spring ever."
Metro Vancouver, B.C. residents are sharing their discontent with this year's spring weather. A viral, hilarious image shows extra seasons of the year.

Spring has allegedly sprung in Metro Vancouver — but you might not know it based on the weather recently. 

Numerous locals have taken to social media to share frustration over what they say has been a decidedly bad spring. One woman goes as far as to say that it is the "worst spring ever."

Other views are less extreme, such as former CKNW radio host Lynda Steele's, who simply says "this spring sucks so far." 

A couple of people have commented that the season seems more like late fall or even winter. Ryan Voutilainen writes on Twitter that "today was more reminiscent of early November than early May in Vancouver."

Vancouver Police Department (VPD) Cnst. Lee Martin shared a meme that has gone viral on social media of late. 

But it wasn't the first time the community police constable had shared the funny image on Twitter. 

In April 2021, Martin shared the image and captioned it "Accurate #Vancouver." Now, he simply quipped, "So very tired…"

The image shows a pie chart that breaks Vancouver into a smorgasbord of "seasons." Some of them are real seasons, such as spring, summer, and fall, but the lion's share is clever interpretations of what the weather actually feels like in the city. 

For instance, some of the "seasons" are just "rain" or "more rain." There's also a "smoke" season and even one that simply asks "are you tired yet?" A couple of "snowmageddons" are thrown in for good measure and the infamous "Juneuary" appears to be right around the corner in Vancouver town. 

Locals have previously described what they say is a "fool's spring" in the Lower Mainland: a time after the first cold snap in winter when temperatures warm up significantly and people believe the coldest part of the season is over. This is exactly where the "foolish" part comes in, however. Instead of continuing on the warming pattern—or even staying consistently warm—temperatures fall back down again. The "fool's spring" is then followed by a second winter and yet another "spring of deception." A third winter follows that season, too.

Is a fool's spring real? Environment Canada weighed in

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