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All roads to Metro Vancouver border crossing now open following anti-COVID-19 mandate protests

Surrey RCMP has made a total of 18 arrests over the past three weeks
Anti vaccine border protest
After three weeks of anti-COVID-19 mandate protests, Surrey RCMP has arrested 18 people and has multiple investigations open looking into illegal activity.

After three weeks of protests, Metro Vancouver authorities report that all roads surrounding the Pacific Border Crossing are now open.

Surrey RCMP explained in a recent release that as of Feb. 27 all police checkpoints set up in the area have been removed. The checkpoints were installed as anti-COVID-19 mandate protesters attempted to block the crossing. Over the three weeks of protests Surrey RCMP made 18 arrests and is conducting multiple investigations into the unlawful activity that occurred.

Police will continue to maintain some presence in the area and are telling the public they will continue to monitor the situation.

“We understand that this has been a challenging few weeks, particularly for local businesses and residents, who have felt the impacts of traffic disruptions in their neighborhood,” said Vanessa Munn, Surrey RCMP.  “We want to thank members of the community for being patient and supportive of police efforts to maintain everyone’s safety and access to the border crossing.”