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Alleged 'glory hole' in a Vancouver park bathroom gets some attention (PHOTOS)

It looks like there was a protective layer of masking tape around the hole

Even if they were following B.C.’s pandemic-era health guidelines, potential users of what looked like a portal designed for "distanced" intimate encounters will have to find another hole in the wall. 

Last week, a photo of a waist-height hole cut into the wall of a bathroom stall in Vancouver’s Strathcona Park made the rounds on social media.

Aside from the hole’s location, people were quick to comment on what looked like a protective layer of masking tape around its jagged metal edges. Some complimented the choice of “sexual positions that limit face-to-face contact” while others called for repairs. 

“Hey thanks, Vancouver Parks Board for cleaning up Strathcona Park…You missed this glory hole in the men's bathroom though…Fill please,” wrote Reddit user 604_.

“At least they are using protection. Dr. Bonnie Henry would be proud,” wrote another, referencing how in the summer of 2020 the BCCDC used the example of glory holes as a way to allow for safer sexual contact during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Vancouver Park Board has since repaired the bathroom stall.