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'An absolutely brutal loss': Vancouverites react to TSN 1040 going off the air

People have some thoughts they'd like to share with Bell
People are not happy about TSN 1040 shutting down.

With today's news that TSN 1040 would no longer be a sports radio station, Vancouverites have voiced plenty of displeasure with the decision.

It was announced earlier today, and quickly took effect. After goodbyes from some on-air staff the song 'Good Riddance' from Green Day began to play.

And then Vancouver's Twitter community blew up.

Some were thankful for what TSN 1040 had brought:

More were angry:

A couple made jokes:

Others looked for a new way to replace what was lost:

The local sports media scene shared their disappointment that one of the major pillars in the region had fallen; even though TSN 1040 could be considered a competitor.

Mourning is also happening over on Reddit:

TSN 1040 Shut Down from r/vancouver

It didn't just affect locals, either.

And more than a couple pointed out Bell's Let's Talk campaign which promotes mental health just happened before they laid off the Vancouver station along with others. 


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