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Arkells and Tegan and Sara drop music video shot at Kingsgate Mall

How many of us have done something similar?

Kingsgate Mall may not be the most popular mall in the city, but it looks like it's the new hangout spot for Arkells' Max Kerman and Tegan and Sara Quin.

The trio of Canadian rock stars spent some time in the well-known mall in Mt. Pleasant recently to shoot the music video for "Teenage Tears" a new Arkells song featuring the twin indie rock/pop stars.

In the video the three, each dressed in a single colour, mope around the mall after it's closed, singing about a breakup. The empty mall provides a lonely setting many would associate with their teenage years, with shots of them on benches and in front of closed stores.

"Teenage Tears" is the latest single from Arkells Blink Twice album, which is coming out Sept. 23. The band plays Rogers Arena the following month, on Oct. 25.

@arkellsmusic Learn this song and cry with us Oct 25 at Rogers Arena #vancouver #yvr #britishcolumbia ♬ Teenage Tears - Teaser - Arkells & Tegan and Sara