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Here’s the story behind this viral Australian Tiktoker, her sty, and the Vancouver Cancucks

It's a weird story to begin with.
Greta May Sty Canucks thumb
People on the internet are really invested in this Australian woman's stye but it's her connection to Vancouver that makes this story even weirder.

Why is everyone on the internet obsessed with an Australian woman's stye and what does it have to do with Vancouver?

Well, it all started back in early September when TikToker Greta May (AKA @the_gretaway) posted a video of an at-the-time relatively small stye that had developed on her eye. It quickly racked up over 800,000 views. Her next video with a stye update got over 4 million views. Things got worse from there.

For the last month, May has been updating the internet on Polly's (that's what she named the stye) progress. People are invested. There have been upwards of 60 videos made dedicated to the stye getting better or getting worse. May has also documented two surgeries she has had to get rid of it, each one garnering anywhere from several hundred thousand to a couple million views.

Where does the Vancouver connection kick in? One local viewer noticed May wearing a Canucks T-shirt in one of her videos and asked how she became a Canucks fan from halfway across the world.

It turns out May did an exchange to Simon Fraser Univiersity in Burnaby back in 2015 and went to a fan appreciation night Canucks game while she was here (though she pronounced it CAN-NOOKS).

In a rare non-stye-related storytime video that now has over a million views, she shares that members of the hype team were firing T-shirt canons into the crowd, as they often do at these type of games, and May had to rock, paper, scissors for it. She says that she absolutely loves it and many local viewers watching were delighted to discover a random unlikely connection, with many commenting that they were following along with her story from Vancouver.

@the_gretaway Replying to @Kim Buratto a non-sty story? How dare I #vancouver #canucks #exchange ♬ We Are The Champions - Remastered 2011 - Queen