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B.C. Highways' wildlife cameras capture elusive critters

Moose, lynx, coyotes, bears, herds of deer and more

B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation has done it again, posting a GALLERY of images to their blog that you won't see anywhere else.

Moose, lynx, coyotes, bears, herds of deer and more make appearances.

The images are part of a study that they do where they track animals who go through/over/under wildlife crossing. They use the images to help inform their work, making sure that our vehicles and the wildlife in our province don't get in each other's way.

The cameras scattered throughout the province are scheduled to take photos from every five seconds to every hour. They're also equipped with motion sensors as not to miss any critters that walk by.

 Why did the lynx cross the road?Why did the lynx cross the road?

Check out some recent photos HERE and some older ones from 2013 HERE. Those links are not only full of interesting images but they explain the hows and whys of what the government agency is doing with our tax dollars.

As I have said many times now, this public agency is really doing it right with their storytelling.

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