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Where did the benches at English Bay Beach disappear to?

And are they coming back?
In case you're wondering why there's no place to sit at English Bay, this is where the benches disappeared to.

Some Vancouver locals have noticed that there aren't any places to sit at Inukshuk peninsula anymore.

The popular curve of the Seawall at English Bay Beach was home to three benches that mysteriously disappeared overnight.

One resident took to Twitter to ask where the benches went and many people speculated that it had something to do with the upcoming Honda Celebration of Light fireworks.

And they're right.

The first night of fireworks isn't happening until July 22 when Australia kicks off the festivities, followed by Mexico on July 26, and the Philippines on July 29, but the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation has already begun preparation setting up bleachers and, evidently, removing nearby benches.

"The benches near Inukshuk at English Bay have been temporarily removed to accommodate the fireworks activation," the Park Board tells V.I.A. over email.

The benches are being stored until they can be reinstalled, which could be as early as July 31.

Some have wondered why the benches have to go since they would provide seating for fireworks spectators but the Park Board says that they needed to be cleared to accommodate a pop-up lounge that will be set up for the Celebration of Light.

An expected 400,000 people will watch live from the beach each night.

With files from Brendan Kergin