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12 of the best ways to spend a rainy day in Vancouver

As you’ve probably seen, heard or felt, we’re officially in #raincouver mode.

As you’ve probably seen, heard or felt, we’re officially in #raincouver mode. Before our seasonal affective disorder kicks in, we thought it would be great to share a list of all the incredible local activities that are made better by the pitter-patter of west coast rainfall. From cozy cafes, to unique indoor activities, here are 12 things to do on a rainy day in Vancouver.

1. Visit the Granville Island Public Market

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Who doesn’t love the public market? Traverse rows of vibrant produce, try out some new and exciting products and plan a delectable at-home meal for the inevitable rainy day binge watching session that you’ll have later in the day.

Granville Island Public Market is located at 1669 Johnston St.

2. Play with cats at Catfe

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Catfe is a cafe serving cat-themed treats that lets you visit super cute furry friends on a by-appointment basis. Partnered with the BC SPCA to host an ever-changing roster of adoptable felines, Catfe provides a foster environment for the cats until they find their forever homes. Catfe has found homes for over 400 cats since opening in December 2015.

Catfe is located at Unit #2035-88 West Pender Street.

3. Visit the Vancouver Public Library in-person or online

You know that we have one of the best libraries in the world, right? Peruse the VPL’s collection of 1.5 million books, periodicals and reference materials, discover something new or get lost in a literary classic. If you really want to avoid the bad weather, log onto their digital library to download music, movies, magazines and more for free.

The VPL is located at 350 W Georgia St.

4. See a film, a Canadian Film, a FREE Canadian film!

Summer is long gone but The Cinematheque theatre is still celebrating Canada's 150th with Canada On Screen. The year-long event presents free screenings of iconic Canadian films throughout the year, in addition to the Cinematheque's regular/amazing programming. Learn more about the free screenings HERE.

The Cinematheque is located at #200-1131 Howe St.

5. Sip away in a tasting room

Vancouver is flush with independent breweries, most of which boast quaint and cozy tasting rooms. It's the time of year for creamy stouts, strong porters and even a few pumpkin brews, so make sure to incorporate something new on your next flight of beer.

6. Head to the beach... Inside 

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Still missing summer? Well, rather than embracing reality, just head over to 6Pack Indoor Beach Volleyball! Complete with sandy courts, this is the perfect way to enjoy summer all year long.

6Pack Indoor Beach Volleyball is located at 13180 Mitchell Road in Richmond, BC.

7. Indulge in some board games, ping-pong and video game action

And have a few drink while you're at it! Vancouver is filled with restaurants and bars that offer everything from board games to video games, making for a fantastic way to pass the time on a rainy weekend. Learn more about Vancouver's most fun gaming bars HERE.

8. Get your caffeine fix at Vancouver’s cutest cafes

Aside from huge blankets, nothing pairs better with rain than coffee. Fortunately this city is home to 100s of insanely cozy coffee establishments, each with their own aesthetic charm. Perfect for reading and gazing out of rainy windowsills full of longing.

9. Get really, really, really hot

What's the most Vancouver thing you can do on a rainy day? Hot yoga! If you're not down with yoga, just consider that Vancouver's yoga community has a pretty good thing going during the fall and winter months. Hot yoga is the perfect way to warm up, stay active and relax when the rain falls. If your anti-stretching, just relax on your mat in shavasana pose. It's better than shivering at home!

10. Sword Fight!

Academie Duello Sword Fighting School offers wannabe duelists the opportunity to say "en garde!" With classes that train you in the art of rapier, sidesword, longsword and shield yielding, it's the perfect way to unleash your inner warrior on a rainy afternoon.

Academie Duello Sword Fighting School is located at 412 W Hastings St.

11. Visit an art gallery or museum

When was the last time you actually strolled through a gallery or played with Science World's crazy contraptions? Hopefully you've been on a few self-guided field trips since elementary school, either way, Vancouver is always got a ton of great exhibitions happening throughout the year. Explore how protest demonstrations have shaped Vancouver’s identity at the Museum of Vancouver's new photo exhibit. City on Edge: A Century of Vancouver Activism.

The Museum of Vancouver is located at 1100 Chestnut St.

12. Enjoy the bad weather!

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Don't roll your eyes! Vancouver during the rainy seasons can be pretty spectacular. Get on those boots, snap up that raincoat and go explore! Chances are you'll have the trails to yourself and there's nothing more relaxing than a nice walk in the rain.