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Big, beautiful bobcat visits North Vancouver backyard (VIDEO)

This is the second time in two years homeowner has spotted a bobcat in her backyard

Please take a moment to watch this short video clip of a big, beautiful bobcat lounging in a North Vancouver backyard.

North Shore News reader Jen Gow sent in this video she took Thursday afternoon (Dec. 2) after spotting the lovely creature behind her home, which backs onto Lynn Creek.

“I was actually on a work call, and caught it out of the corner of my eye,” Gow said. “I tried to maintain my professionalism. … I was trying not to squeak on the phone.”

This was actually the second time in two years Gow has spotted a bobcat in her backyard. She is quite sure that the one she spotted last year was featured in another North Shore News article. The one that showed up this week, however, was much larger than that cat.

“I didn’t realize there were such big cats on the North Shore,” said Gow, adding that this one looked to be at least twice the size of the one that visited last year.

She can’t believe her luck, she said, spotting two bobcats in two years after never seeing one before in her life. Gow has lived in that location for five years, and said she has several neighbours who have lived there for decades and have never seen one of the elusive animals.

“Two years, two bobcats – I’m feeling pretty lucky.”