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Cheap rent for someone 'slightly adventurous': You can live on a boat in Vancouver for $200/month

🎶 'Straight floatin' on a boat on the deep blue sea' 🎶

An enterprising Vancouverite has come up with a creative solution to the high rent prices in Vancouver: Living on a boat.

A new Facebook Marketplace listing tempts prospective renters with "don’t want to pay a fortune in rent and [are] slightly adventurous?" and offers up a "beautiful 28-foot Silverton Command Bridge" yacht for the low price of $200/month.

The boat, playfully named 'Happy Hour,' has a kitchen equipped with a stove and a microwave and a bathroom, although on a boat it's called a head. The bathroom toilet has a new pump and a separate sink with a large mirror. And the boat comes with a BBQ with individual shutoffs on deck. The microwave is shore powered so you'd have to be able to plug it in at the dock.

It has a V-berth, which means that the bed is located at the front (bow) of the boat so it's a little bit like sleeping in a cozy cave, which some people enjoy. According to the post, it comfortably sleeps two to three people (if that's your jam).  There is also a large table in the living space that converts into single day bed in case people want to split the $200 with a roommate.

For Vancouver's rainy days, the back deck has a fully retractable cover but the front deck is completely open.

For people who speak boat, the engine is a Twin Chrysler 318s, and "has the power to take you where ever you want your backyard to be."

The listing says the boat is open for short-term or long-term rentals but that moorage isn't included. It estimates that moorage would cost $250 so that would bring the grand total of your new home up to $450/month which is still well below the average for Vancouver.

Interested in the legalities and feasibility of living on a boat in Vancouver? We have broken down just how much it will cost you to live on a boat and where it's allowed. Spoiler alert: if you are deadset on paying $250 for moorage and not a penny more, you may want to look outside of the city.