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Boat runs aground near Stanley Park, Coast Guard protects against oil spill (PHOTOS)

The Canadian Coast Guard has encircled the vessel with an absorbent boom to contain any fuel

The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is working to remove a boat that ran itself aground after getting too close to a rocky outcropping off Stanley Park.

The CCG received the report Monday (Sept. 20) around 2 p.m. about a grounded vessel north of the marine Chevron Fuel Station in Coal Harbour. The 54-foot cruiser known as “Rockin Chair” became stuck just metres away from Stanley Park’s Nine O’Clock gun. 

The vessel is believed to contain a limited amount of diesel fuel, estimated at 200 litres, the CCG said in an emailed statement to Vancouver Is Awesome. Coast Guard resources are on-site and have encircled the vessel with a curtain and an absorbent boom to contain any oil spills.

While details of how the incident occurred are still being determined the Coast Guard is working with the vessel owner to assess the next steps.