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Burnaby resident uses her car to bake chocolate chip cookies during heat wave (PHOTOS)

‘I wanted cookies but didn’t want to turn on the oven’ 🍪

We’ve all heard the expression “hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk,” but what about baking cookies in your car?

That’s just what Mel, a North Burnaby resident, intended to figure out during the height of B.C.’s record-breaking heatwave on Monday (June 28). At 10 a.m. she placed the cookies on the dashboard in a pan and over the course of five hours the balls of dough flattened and then rose. Not only was the temperature inside the car sufficient to bake the cookies, Mel says they might have even been a bit overdone.

“I was honestly expecting a half-baked cookie, but it turned out pretty crispy on the outside, and somewhat soft and chewy on the inside,” Mel told Vancouver Is Awesome. “Might take them out an hour earlier next time.”

'Cookie smell > air freshener any day!'

Not only did Mel get to enjoy some fresh cookies that day, but the scent of melted butter, sugar and chocolate wafted through her car as well.

“Sadly, the interior smell is back to normal, but when I first opened the door it was phenomenal! Cookie smell > air freshener any day!”

When Mel took the cookies out at 3 p.m. she took a picture of the temperature reading on her car’s gauge cluster which read a stunning 41°C. 

Car dashboard

Thanks to this handy calculator by, it’s possible Mel’s car reached an internal temperature of 60°C or for you bakers out there, 140°F. 

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