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The average Canadian penis is among the biggest in the world

Here's how residents of the Great White North measured up against the rest of the world.
A 2022 study finds that men in Canada have a larger average penis size then men in many countries, beating out the United States and the United Kingdom.

A new study finds that men in Canada have some of the biggest...erm... "members" in the world. 

The research was compiled from health experts at the UK-based company From Mars, who then ranked the average penis sizes around the world. 

Ecuador ranked first on the list, with the average length of an erect penis recorded at 6.93 inches. This length was recorded as 10.54 per cent of the average height of Ecuadorian men. 

Report authors playfully mention that "Ecuadorians bring a whole new meaning to BDE (that’s big dick energy to the uninitiated, referring to the unspoken confidence of someone as though they’re hiding a huge package under their zippers)!"

Cameroon followed Ecuador in second, with the average length of an erect penis measuring 6.56 inches, which was 9.75 per cent of height. The study highlights the country's "rich culture and participation in worldwide sporting events, with their national soccer team being one of the most successful in Africa" and quip that it can add "now add this accolade."

Another South American country rounded out the top three. Bolivian men have an average erect penis size of 6.5 inches, which is 9.84 per cent of their height. But the country only narrowly beat out Sudanese men, who have an average size of 6.48 inches.  

Beating out the United States and the United Kingdom, Canada tied with Angola in 12th place, with men in each country having an average erect penis size of 6.19 inches. This size represented a larger percentage of height for Angolan men, at 9.38 per cent of total height. In Canada, the percentage was 8.8 per per cent. 

When combining all of the data together, From Mars notes that the "average erect penis size around the world is 5.5in or 14.10cm, which is 1.4in smaller than the average size in Canada." 

On the other end of the spectrum, Cambodian men recorded the smallest penis size on average at 3.95 inches, which is 74 places behind Canada on the global scale.

Photo via From Mars