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Candlelight vigil to be held tonight for 30-year-old man shot in South Vancouver

Shakur is remembered by his community and friends as hard-working, kind, and positive. 
Photo: spensirthc / Instagram

Friends and family are holding a candlelight vigil to remember the life of Amin Shahin Shakur, the 30-year-old man who was fatally shot in South Vancouver on Monday night in the city's eigth homicide of the year.

Shakur, who was a founder of Dank Mart and THC Canada on Main Street, is remembered by his community and friends as hard-working, kind, and positive. 

The vigil will be held tonight at 8 p.m. in King George Park on No. 5 Road, near Cambie Road. In an Instagram post, Dank Mart invites the public to pay thier respects to, "a hood legend, Snackie Chan." 

People are encouraged to, "Eat some dank snacks [and] roll up some dank in his honour."

"He told me he would be want me to have a party for him if he ever died," writes his close friend and co-owner of Dank Mark, Spensir Sangara.

Police say Shakur was shot near Main Street and East 48th Avenue just after 11 p.m. on Monday night; he died at the scene.

Police add that Shakur does not have an extensive police history, and say there is no risk to the public.

In a series of heartfelt posts, Sangara refers to Shakur as his brother, and writes, "I loved you more then anything in this world.. You truly were the most selfless, hardworking, loyal and loving person I ever met..The hood will never be the same.

"When you died i lost my whole heart...I do not wish this pain I'm feeling on anybody...I'm so blessed we never went one day without showing how much we loved each other.. You called my Mama mom, and I call your dad pops.. Blood couldn’t make us any closer."

The Punjabi Market writes on Twitter that Shakur was a hardworking business owner who brought fun and positive energy to the community. 

We would like to acknowledge the recent loss of a valued member of our community. Amin Shahin Shakur was known to the Punjabi Market as a hardworking business owner and spirited entrepreneur who brought fun, positivity and good energy to our Main Street hub.
Photo: @jamiesekhon

Hundreds of people have left comments on the posts about Shakur. Have a look at some of the posts below.


My brother.. I loved u more then anything in this world.. U truly were the most selfless,hardworking,loyal & loving person I ever met..The hood will never be the same.. He spent the last 6 months of his life in Dank Mart everyday working harder then anybody could ever imagine..We had been talking about dank mart for 10 years and to finally bring it to life was the biggest blessing.. Snackie had never been so happy in his life.. He loved seeing everyone of u and helping u find the dankest snacks.. He’s talking to me right now telling me that I need to get back to work and go even harder then before.. This man dedicated his whole life to Dank Mart.. I know it seems impossible right now but we are going to come back harder and better then ever because that’s what Snackie would want.. I can’t let all his hard work go to waste.. He’s with Nip right now saying the hustle continues.. Until we meet again our whole team will do anything to make sure your dream of Dank Mart is carried out.. Your name will never be forgotten.. U died right in the store that u built..your soul & energy will forever be in Dank Mart.. What you created here was beyond legendary.. The hood really loved u.. Thanks to everybody for the love and Support and we will be back soon thats on Snackie Chan #LongLiveSnackieChan

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My brother.. I loved u more then anything.. When u died i lost my whole heart...I do not wish this pain im feeling on anybody...Im so blessed we never went one day without showing how much we loved each other..U called my Mama mom i call your dad pops.. Blood couldn’t make us any closer..We were the only team that never fell out over all these years.. Nothing could get between us.. No money, no girls no anything.. When I was up i held u down and Vice versa.. U were the hardest worker I ever met in my life.. I never had to question your work ethic a day in my life.. My favourite part of the day was just seeing u and hanging out with u.. Thats why no day ever seemed like work because I was with my best friend & brother.. People really thought we were blood brothers because of how close we were.. Im just blessed u got to reach your full potential and go out the happiest u ever were in your life.. He told me a week before he passed this was the happiest he’s ever been in life.. He worked 30 years on this earth to get where he was right before he passed.. the most humble, positive, loving and selfless guy Ive ever met.. Treated everyone with Love & respect...Nobody has shown more progression in there life then u.. U really started from the bottom.. U guys took a real one.. a Hood legend..The pain i feel will never go away I honestly dont know if i can go on without u.... u were my heart and my brother.. u were the definition of LOYALTY.. But i can hear u saying right now.. get back to work cro the hustle continues 🏁💙 the most legendary duo of all time..We we’re unstoppable together.. What we did on this earth together will be remembered forever 💙 U lived more in the last 10 years then people do in 50 years.. I love u so much cro i will make sure your name lives on forever.. U died at the compound.. your soul will be on this block 4L..I know your with Allah smiling down.. I cant wait to come smoke a blunt with u cro..I lost my brother but i gained an angel 🕊even tho your gone we’re still a team forever.. When they mention me they will mention u.. Love u so much cro 💙 #LongLiveSnackieChan 🕊

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Anyone with dash cam footage or any information on this homicide is asked to contact VPD detectives at 604-717-2500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

- With files from Alan Campbell / Richmond News.