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Someone is selling an original CFOX radio mascot costume in Vancouver

What exactly is that thing supposed to be?
A full-size critter costume is for sale on Facebook Marketplace in July 2022. It is an original mascot for 99.3 The Fox radio station and looks like Alf.

If you regularly tune into CFOX-FM or simply love a silly mascot costume, you might want to check out a new online listing in Vancouver.

A full-size, dopey-eyed critter costume is for sale on Facebook Marketplace...but it isn't just any strange creature for sale. According to the seller, the massive mammal is actually an original CFOX radio mascot costume. 

But the wild threads aren't exactly cheap. 

The local seller is asking $1,500 for the furry costume. That said, they claim that it is in "brand new condition" and hasn't been worn, adding that they built several of the fuzzy mascots for the "99.3 the Fox" radio station back in the '80s but kept one of them. 

What is the animal? 

It kind of looks like a combination of a bear, a fox, and "Alf" — a creature that starred in an '80s sitcom under its namesake. Alf stands for "Alien Life Form" and was a hilarious character on popular TV during the era. This resemblance might be completely unintentional, however.

CFOX calls the furry face of the station Mr Fox. Apparently, Mr Fox used to get out and about on the town quite a bit; an old blog post documents the CFOX mascot being spotted dancing in a crowd at a 1991 concert. Alice in Chains' lead singer Layne Staley was equally befuddled by the creature's features, commenting:  “What in the hell is that?”

Photo via Facebook Marketplace